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What Would Your Six-word Memoir Say?

Posted by envirostats on Saturday, November 8, 2008

By fad standards, especially Internet fads, I’m very late on this one. But I think it’s brilliant enough and has enough staying power to still share and invite more people to try. It’s the six-word memoir fad, as per the New York Bestseller book “Not Quite What I Was Planning” (notice the six words) that came out in Feb 2008, by editors Rachel Fershleiser and Larry Smith of BoingBoing – a directory of wonderful things. The idea here is to write your life story in six words, and there are lots of fabulous examples at BoingBoing’s online six-word memoirs page, by people well-known and not so well-known.

Of course, it got me thinking and after a day of thinking, I threw out everything for a flash of inspiration I got on my run today at the tip of Point Pleasant Park on a peninsula looking out into the sea that faded into fog.

Everything done will mean more someday…

I think it’s pretty accurate and I can write a pretty lengthy note to explain the many reasons why it is accurate, obvious and metaphorical. However, I think that would destroy the beauty of the concept so I won’t. Proper punctuation is still encouraged because it can mean something completely different otherwise. Reference the fabulous book Eats, Shoots & Leaves.

What’s your six word memoir?

Share here in the comments section or at Boingboing’s page. Even better, get together with your friends and write their biographies in six words to share how you see their lives! 🙂

Endless fun!


2 Responses to “What Would Your Six-word Memoir Say?”

  1. Charles Mandel said

    Endlessly gregarious, he ran and wrote.

  2. Great! Your memoir or my biography?

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