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Green Gifts

This is a collection of links to great green gift ideas, mostly Christmas as this page was developed for the holiday season. However, green gifts can be given all year round, though at the caution of consumption. But please, enjoy your holidays responsibly in as many ways as you can!

10 great gifts for the eco child 
It’s a tough job to keep the kids happy and save the planet, but the following should do the trick.
(The Independent)

10 great gifts for the green woman
Racking your brains for something suitably stylish, yet planet-friendly?
(The Independent)

10 great gifts for the green man
A selection of presents to the keep the eco-warrior in your life at the top of his game.
(The Independent)

10 great organic christmas drinks
There’s no reason why you shouldn’t go local or organic with your festive tipples.
(The Independent)

Green Christmas getaways
Let someone else worry about the cooking while you take a break in the lap of eco-luxury.
(The Independent)

Alternative green Christmas activities
activities for nature-lovers where family fun is high on the agenda.
(The Independent)

10 green new year’s resolutions
From buying local to saving water, Laura Smith offers 10 ways to make 2008 an ecologically sound year.
(The Independent)

Environmental Defense Christmas List 
Annual roundup of earth-friendly ideas.
(Environmental Defense)

Traditional gifts with a twist and alternative Christmas gifts
Just like the links say.
(Organic Picks Blog)


2 Responses to “Green Gifts”

  1. Hampers said

    Nice blog. Your green gifts look perfect. Enjoyed going through it. Keep it up the good work. Cheers 🙂

  2. Thanks, I’m glad to hear you found it useful.

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