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Green Your Life


Over 6,500 tips, ideas and answers to make life easier (often involving less stuff).


.Green as a Thistle

One woman making one green change in her life each day and showing how possible it is, with some bumps on the road so it’s not all dreamy greeny touchy feely.


Treehugger.com’s How to Green Your Life Guides

Outdoor sports, kids’ toys, accessories, weddings, pets, coffee & tea, recycling, women’s personal care, water, gifts, electricity, wardrobe, meals, gardening, basics, community, sex life, electronics, baby, dishwasher, cleaning, furniture, work, gifts, lighting, car, heating, public transportation, books… you name it, they probably got it, awesome resource!


Swiss Miss’ Simple Living Manifesto

72 ideas to simplify your life (with supporting articles included)


I Go Green’s Green Machine

From a website about what women are doing to be green today, this page has green tips for Home & Garden, Baby & Family, Beauty & Fashion, Food and Travel & Transportation, among others.


Environmental Choice or EcoLogo Certified Products

Guide to Less Toxic Products

Consumer products, available in Canada, verified to be environmentally friend by Canada’s Environmental Choice program, associated with Environment Canada. Tips often also accompany product details, and “green” cleaning material is also prominent on these sites.


National Resource Canada’s Fuel Consumption Guide

29 Ways to Save Money on Gas

US EPA Fuel Economy Site

Centre for Energy

For driving and vehicle maintenance.


Flex Your Power Residential Energy Savings Guides

Get with Green

Energy Star

Centre for Energy (appliances)

Centre for Energy (Heating and Cooling)

Home energy saving tips, including appliance energy rating and performance reviews.


Consumer Report’s 20 Free Ways to Save Energy

There are also some other tips to save energy with a small monetary investment that will definitely pay off soon.


Consumer Report’s 50 Ways to Save Water

It’s like what it sounds, 50 ways to save water.


Centre for Energy Calculators

Energy calculators.



Ratings and Reviews of Green Products by Consumer Reports.


Proper Disposal of Pharmaceuticals 1 & 2

Guides by the State of Minnesota (1) and the US EPA (2).



For printing shops.



Bite-sized ideas for light green living. All the little stuff you can do, basically.




3 Responses to “Green Your Life”

  1. Eco news, views and product reviews for busy folks looking to cultivate a greener, more sustainable lifestyle.

  2. Consider also Green Talk which is a personal point of view of going green around the house and garden. Posts range from green building, gardening, and green living content based upon my own personal experiences. The blog seeks to illict the help of its readers to help each other to live a greener lifestyle.

    Don’t forget Fake Plastic Fish, which is about using less plastic in your life and EcoStreet, which is a general green living blog and forum. (2 of my reads.) Anna http://www.green-talk.com

  3. Great resources. There are a lot of home energy efficiency rips including ones from this site. Some are so easy to do. save energy and money!

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