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By geographical location of source, which was chosen as a criteria because most of the statistics would be about the geographical area or possibly even have bias towards it.


Statistics Canada

Report on Energy Supply-demand in Canada 2007, by Statistics Canada (0.8 MB)

Canadian Environmental Sustainability Indicators: Socio-Economic 2007 by Statistics Canada (4.7 MB)

Canadian Environmental Sustainability Indicators 2007 by Statistics Canada (2.2 MB)

The Control and Sale of Alcoholic Beverages in Canada ending Fiscal Year Mar 31 2006, by Statistics Canada (0.3 MB)

Overview and Discussion of the Results of the Pilot Survey on Nanotechnology in Canada 2007, by Statistics Canada (0.5 MB)

Canadian Vehicles Survey: Annual for 2006, by Statistics Canada (0.3 MB)

Public Sector Statistics: Financial Management System 2006-2007, by Statistics Canada (1.0 MB)

Envirostats Bulletin 1-1 2007 by Statistics Canada (0.7 MB)

Household and the Environment Survey 2006 by Statistics Canada (2.8 MB)

Canada’s 4th National Report on Climate Change 2006, by the Government of Canada (2.0 MB)

Human Activity and the Environment: Annual Statistics 2006, by Statistics Canada (2.7 MB)

Waste Management Industry Survey: Business and Government Sectors 2004 by Statistics Canada (1.1 MB, released Feb 2007)

Canadian Environmental Sustainability Indicators 2006 by Statistics Canada (2.0 MB)

Canadian Environmental Sustainability Indicators: Socio-economic Information 2006, Revised, by Statistics Canada (5.2 MB)


Other Canadian Sources

Living Planet Report 2006, by the Global Footprint Network & World Wildlife Fund (4.5 MB)

The Ecological Footprint of Utah 2003, released in 2007 by the Global Footprint Network (0.9 MB)

A Father’s Day Report — Men, Boys and Environmental Health Threats 2007, by the Canadian Partnership for Children’s Health and Environment (0.6 MB)

Polluted Children, Toxic Nation by Environmental Defence, June 2006 (1.7 MB)

The GPI Transportation Accounts: Sustainable Transportation in Nova Scotia 2006, by GPI Atlantic (0.8 MB)

The Energy Accounts for the Nova Scotia Genuine Progress Index 2005, by GPI Atlantic (0.2 MB)

Executive Summary of Small Province, Big Feet: Nova Scotia’s Ecological Footprint 2003, by GPI Atlantic (0.1 MB)



Catalog Industry Environmental Scorecard 2007, by Forest Ethics (0.4 MB)

Red, White and “Green”: The Cost of Carbon in the Global Wine Trade, by Tyler Colman and Pablo Paster for the American Association of Wine Economists, Oct 2007 (0.2 MB)

Dirty Metals: Mining, Communities and the Environment 2004, by Earthworks and OXFAM America (2.9 MB)

US College Sustainability Report Card 2008 by the Sustainable Endowments Institute, Oct 2007 (3.1 MB)

The State of the Paper Industry 2007, by the Steering Committee of the Environmental Paper Network (1.5 MB)

Mineral Commodity Summaries 2007, by the U.S. Geological Survey (1.6 MB)

Still No Free Lunch: Nutrient levels in U.S. food supply eroded by pursuit of high yields, by Brian Halweil for the Organic Centre, Sep 2007 (5.0 MB)

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Opportunities Exist for Federal Agencies to Better Inform Household Consumers, by the US Government Accountability Office, Jun 2007 (3.29 MB)

The 2007 Urban Mobility Report, by David Schrank (Associate Research Scientist) and Tim Lomax (Research Engineer), Texas Transportation Institute at the Texas A&M University System (0.8 MB)

The Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Impact of Telecommuting and e-Commerce, by the Consumer Electronics Association (0.3 MB)

Potential Hazards of Household Cleaning Products 2007, by Voices of Women for the Earth (1.2 MB)

Energy Consumption by Consumer Electronics by US Residences, by TIAX LLC for the US Consumer Electronics Association (0.9 MB)

The Environmental Benefits of the Purchase or Sale of EPEAT Registered Products in 2006, by the Green Electronics Council (0.1 MB)

Trash Landings: How Airlines and Airports Can Clean Up Their Recycling Programs 2006, by Natural Resources Defense Council (0.6 MB)

The Potential for Greater Fiber Recovery from Magazines, Catalogs and Direct Mail 2006, by SLS Consulting for Direct Marketing Association, Inc. (0.3 MB)

American Household Consumer Spending 2005, by the US Bureau of Labour Statistics (0.1 MB)

The Fiber Cycle in Canada and the United States 2005, by Metafore (2.1 MB)



Deeper Luxury: Quality & Style When the World Matters, by the World Wildlife Fund, Nov 2007 (3.4 MB)

Green Barometer newsletter by the Energy Savings Trust, Jul 2007 (1.5 MB)

Green Philanthropy, by New Philanthropy Capital 2007 (3.1 MB)

The Alcohol We Drink and Its Contribution to the UK’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions, by Tara Garnett for the Food Climate Research Network, Feb 2007 (0.7 MB)

Fashion Sustainability 2007, by Forum for the Future (0.4 MB)

2006 LCA Study Executive Summary by WRAP (0.9 MB)

Chemicals Purported to be Endocrine Disrupters: A Compilation of Published Lists, by the Institute for Environmental Health 2005 (0.4 MB)

Africa’s Ecological Footprint: Human Well-being and Biological Capital Fact Book 2006, by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and Global Footprint Network (4.1 MB)

Data Survey on Energy Use in the Food Sector 2000, by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (0.1 MB) x

Other Sources and “World Organization” Sources

Consuming Australia Main Findings 2007, by the Australian Conservation Foundation and University of Sydney (1.2 MB)

Selected Environmental Data 2005, by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (0.1 MB)

The Little Green Data Book 2007, by the World Bank (3.1 MB)

Energy Efficiency in Buildlings 2007, by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (1.8 MB)

Environmental Health Burdens of Canada, China and the USA, by the World Health Organization 2007 (0.2 MB)

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