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There are over 10 billion electrical outlets in North America

Posted by Digital Citizen on Tuesday, June 16, 2009

In this 4 minute talk, John La Grou unveils an ingenious new technology at TED.com that will smarten up the electrical outlets in our homes. He uses microprocessors and RFID tags to do this. The Safeplug invention promises to prevent deadly accidents like house fires and to conserve energy.

This, my friends, could change the face of the electrical outlet that badly needs an update! This is also an example of finding the source of a problem!

John also gives a bunch of impact statistics related to the electrical outlet, like how every year in the US, 2,500 children are admitted to emergency for shock and burn injuries related to electrical receptacles.

The energy impact is amazing, not to mention home damage from fires, can be staggering. Please have a look and judge for yourselves.



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Is Obama Looking to Go Nuclear Alternative Energy?

Posted by envirostats on Saturday, December 20, 2008

President-elect Barack Obama recently named Harvard University physicist, though from the Kennedy School of Government, Dr John Holdren (Wikipedia profile for permanent status), as:
– Assistant to the President for Science and Technology
– Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy
– Co-Chair of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science

In other words, Energy and Climate specialist, and White House science advisor. Dr Holden has specialties in nuclear research, global warming and climate change, among his listed research interests on his Kennedy School profile.

Obama also named 1997 Nobel Prize winner Dr Stephen Chu (Wikipedia profile for same reasons above) to head the Energy Department. According to the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (LBL) page where Dr Chu served as Director, Dr Chu also has interests in nuclear physics and global climate change, although not necessarily nuclear energy towards the latter. I say not necessarily because I’m not certain whether they just did not list it or if he thought it were not feasible. However, I can’t imagine he’s never considered the fact with nuclear energy so prevalent around the world outside of the United States (posted here on Oct 26 2007).

I’ve always supported nuclear energy as our best alternative to oil and coal, combined, if you’ve read the various value added commentary to the nuclear statistics I’ve provided, as a means of giving context to the numbers that I always provide when this was an environmental statistics blog. However, it’s more the future of it from small nuclear generators like the ones on icebreakers (CBC, May 29 2008) and nuclear submarines (Quirks & Quarks blog by Bob MacDonald, Oct 12 2007). The thought still scares some people, I’m sure, given the menacing nuclear submarine image, but I bet not that many of you knew some icebreakers were nuclear powered – a slightly different image! Still, the modern nuclear plants suffer from the same image problem as air travel. It’s the safest and least damaging energy source as air travel is the safest and least damaging way to travel, but with very rare catastrophic accidents that work on our psyche of fear when any way you measure it against similar sources, it’s so safe it’s not funny. Look at all the people building new nuclear power plants (here, Sep 19 2007)! Only the US suffers from the Jane Fonda Effect (Freakonomics! blog, Sep 15 2007)when it comes to energy. Nuclear energy is also very viable.

During the presidential campaigns, Presidential candidate Obama has stated nuclear option has to be explored (Meet the Press, May 04 2008). I had also heard John McCain and Hillary Clinton express similar views. With these latest appointments, given their backgrounds in nuclear physics and climate change, President-elect Obama seems like he’s just a little bit more intent on “exploring” nuclear energy as an alternative to coal, gas and oil. It would seem his main interest for a solution, if you ask me!

And that would be just mighty fine by me, another example of his vision and why I would have voted him President if I were American.

500 words

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