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300 million pounds of dry-cleaning bags end up in U.S. landfills and waterways annually

Posted by Digital Citizen on Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Green bag

Green bag from Green Garmento

However, reusable alternatives to these clear used once plastic bags are becoming popular and adapted by people. Green Garmento reports as much as 60% up-take, which is great, but that’s little more than a half-hearted effort by the general public as there is still 40% to convert. This one is a no brainer without excuses other than your own laziness, people!

Globe and Mail (June 16 2009), Green Garmento from the Environmental Impact Calculator



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If the energy efficiency of the US’ top 10 states could be achieved by the remaining states, 30% of US electricity consumption could be saved, cutting $100 billion in electricity bills, 60% of coal fired electricity, 779 million tons of CO2 to offset the Dutch and UK emissions.

Posted by Digital Citizen on Friday, February 20, 2009

Efficiency was measured by dividing each state’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) (total value of all goods and services produced) by the kilowatt hours of electricity it consumed. That’s basically how much money a state could put into the economy for each unit of energy consumed.

Nice stat, but I’d bet if these states made more money per unit of energy, their lifestyle would see more spending and with it, more energy. That would reduce the “efficiency”.

However, the information is still neat to look at how widely states vary for how much they make per unit of energy spent.

New York was at the top with $7.18 for each kilowatt hour of electricity (a 15W compact fluorescent light burning for 66 hours 40 minutes, 66.7 hrs), while Mississippi was at the bottom, by far, at just over $3 per kilowatt hour.

See how other states did in comparison with this really cool interactive map!

Rocky Mountain Institute (original source)
Yahoo! Green for additional statistical comparisons for context

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To those who would tear the world down, we will defeat you!

Posted by envirostats on Friday, November 28, 2008

Those were words from Barack Obama’s Victory Speech on election night in the US on November 4, 2008, and any terrorist, organization or nation plotting to harm others for their fanaticism should do well to heed the warning. That counts Al-Qaeda, Iran, Mumbai terrorists and others willing to kill recklessly for their causes. However, they you should not heed that warning because it came from Barack Obama or America, but because of a philosophical belief held dear by and demonstrated through action by the people in the free world. And what is that philosophical belief, you might ask?

It’s because we value life more than you.

We won’t go recklessly killing people for our means and needs, or to make an example. We value life, whether or not we like that life, including life like you that kill for your selfish gains or power cravings. That’s why we don’t just kill you off, or kill off others around you, among whom you hide like cowards, just so we could eliminate you. That’s why we capture you and give you trials, feeding you and doing other things to keep you alive that cost us resources we could better spend on others more deserving but less fortunate, rather than just killing you off when the logical solution would be just to kill you off and minimize the damage you will have been able to do to humanity. That’s why even if you were found guilty, we sustain you as prisoners so you can live out your lives, or even have second chances, pouring lots of resources into you we know we would not likely ever regain in sufficient amounts to make keeping you alive a beneficial venture, whether you measure that by money or some religious or spiritual equivalent to karma points.

We may seem weak, to care so much for each life and be inefficient in those ways while you fanatics just go striking to cause terror among us, losing your own lives as if they were meaningless as our lives are to you. Indeed, that is part of your problem, that you don’t even have enough self-esteem to deem your life worth living. But the truth will ultimately show that it will be this extreme value we place on all lives that will allow us to defeat you. We care for it far more than you will or can ever care for your own narrow beliefs, and not only do we believe it, we demonstrate it sincerely all the time by doing far more difficult actions like showing compassion towards you, than your simple hypocritical actions to kill others in the name of something you deem to be good when it is merely your self-centredness. If you aim to tear the world down and think we are weak for what we do, you are even more disillusioned than you already were in just following and being willing to die for your fanatical faulty idealisms. And you had better come to their senses and abandon your causes soon if you don’t want to die or end up in prison for it, on the end of a losing effort, because that’s exactly what will become of you given our unshakable beliefs in the value of all life.

In what might seem to be our weakness in our extreme value towards life, ironically, lies the very strength we will use to defeat you… and we, will, defeat you!

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